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Arctic Spas brand hot tubs are world famous for their unique design that provides lower running costs, less maintenance, and rugged beauty. Arctic Spas tend to cost a bit more than other hot tub brands but they also tend to last much longer and cost much less to operate over the years, which will save you much more than the higher initial cost.

Coyote Spas brand hot tubs have a similar core design, which makes them very energy efficient and low maintenance like the Arctic brand. However, Coyote Spas are made with fewer size, colour, and high tech options, which makes then less expensive to manufacture and therefore less expensive to purchase.

We also offer a range of other hot tub products including hot tub cover lifters, covers, steps, and fun accessories.


Why are hot tubs so popular?

Relaxing in a warm, comfortable hot tub feels great. Being outside (in any weather) in the hot tub feels even better. Getting a massage from the water jets at the same time feels even better. The word ‘great’ is barely good enough to describe the experience. Having this available any time, any day, in any weather, in the privacy of your own home is an incredible personal luxury.

There is no better place to spend leisure time with friends and family than in a hot tub. Laughing, chatting, listening, and sharing – these were the family interactions that once were a daily ritual of the family dinner table. Today, we are pulled in so many different directions; we are asked for more time at work, at school, even at play. Your home spa can be your new meeting place to help reconnect with your kids, your spouse and your self.

From our earliest memories, we are drawn to water – kids and water are a natural combination! Add warmth and water movement and hot tubbing becomes the stuff of lifetime memories. Our beautiful LED lighting and water features will give those curious and playful minds a healthy outlet, and will build an appreciation for taking time for relaxation. As a matter of fact, time in the hot tub brings out the kid in us all.

What should I look for in a hot tub?

Always look for quality. You can find (or not find ) quality in every area of a spa. Here is a brief checklist:

How is the hot tub insulated?

Most hot tubs on the market are what’s commonly called foam filled, meaning the spa cabinet to the underside of the shell is filled with foam insulation. The density of the foam may vary but they all operate on the same principle. The problem with this design, we feel, is the fact that there is no access to any of the plumbing under the shell, not to mention leaving all your expensive equipment to the mercy of Mother Nature. What we do at Arctic Spas, is insulate our floor and walls with a high density foam insulation and purposely do not foam our spa shell. This allows us to utilize the heat generated naturally by the motors to help heat your spa water. This dramatically reduces running costs compared to hot tubs that do not capture this heat from the pump motors and other equipment.


How To Insulate A Hot Tub Correctly

The Arctic Spas Way *waste heat is trapped and recycled through spa shell back to the water

Hot Tub With Foam On Shell

Foam On Shell: BUYER BEWARE! *waste heat is blocked by shell insulation and is not recycled

Foam Filled Hot Tub

Foam Filled: BUYER BEWARE! *waste heat is blocked by insulation and cannot be recycled PLUS how do you fix components buried in foam???

What type of covers are there?

Remember that heat rises and the most important place to insulate your home, as well as a spa, is on top. Most manufacturers offer a standard 3″ flat cover or a 4″x 2″ tapered top. At Arctic Spas we offer the thickest most durable cover in the industry. Our covers are a 5″x 4″ tapered cover that has a foam core sealed in a foil material similar to a coffee bag, and they come with a 3 year warranty. A cover will not last as long as the hot tub so make sure that you purchase a cover that’s going to withstand snow loads, heavy pets, children and repels moisture. Covers cost between $300.00 – $900.00 so make a wise decision and save money on electricity and future replacement covers.

What’s the warranty?

Be very careful here! Many manufacturers warranties are very creatively written using fine print to their advantage. Most warranties are pro-rated, use deductibles or have a standard flat fee before charging you for parts and labor. Always ask for copies of the fine print warranties before signing a deal and study them carefully.

Do I need to pour a concrete pad?

Probably not if you choose to buy an Arctic Spa brand hot tub!

Most hot tubs on the market today do not have a full support floor on them and do require a slab to be poured. Many warranties will be voided if your spa does not have this support beneath. All Arctic Spas have full support floors.

The tubs come standard with a pressure treated pedestal floor which allows you the luxury of using sidewalk blocks or patio stones as well as an existing patio etc. There is also an optional Forever Floor available on an Arctic Spa. This floor is constructed of high pressure stamped fibreglass and gives you the option of placing the hot tub on the grass or level section of your yard.

Here’s the thing, many people do not stay in the same home for 10-20 years. If you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably purchased a mid to high end spa and will take it with you, when or if you move.

Be prepared to explain to the prospective buyer of your home why there’s a 8′x 8′ concrete slab in your backyard! Something else to think about, maybe you’re not moving and you do stay in the same home for decades, what if you want to move the tub to a different location?

What if your yard has matured and maybe adding a new deck, a fish pond, a tree; well, you can see where this is going. If you’d like to move your Arctic Spa, move it!

How do we get the hot tub into my yard?

Typically, Arctic Spa dealers deliver your spa on its end using a pneumatic-tire dolly and, in most deliveries, roll it in through the gate. A standard opening, after the gate has been removed, is 40″ wide. Some hot tubs are up to 41″ wide, so make sure to go out and measure to ensure your opening is wide enough. Otherwise, we’ll look at other options such as removing a section of fence, etc.

What do I need to do to prepare the area?

You need a level surface. This surface has to be firm and solid to prevent uneven settling that can damage the hot tub. Most hot tub warranties require a 4″ reinforced concrete pad, but not Arctic.
With an Arctic spa, the base preparation is quite simple. You just need to be sure that the site is sufficiently firm and level. Our hot tubs have a fiberglass “Forever Floor” that gives you the option of placing the spa on the lawn or even right on the ground.

Popular options for Arctic hot tubs include pavers, sidewalk blocks, timbers, washed rock, and commercial spa pads. Any of these will provide a level, solid, well-drained surface for your new spa.

Can I put my hot tub on my deck? Could I sink it in my deck?

Yes & Yes.
Placing a hot tub on a deck is very possible assuming it can safely hold it’s weight. Ask your salesperson for the dry weight of the tub, dimensions and water capacity or you can look it up in the manual.

Incorporating a hot tub into a deck is common. A couple of things to take into account are making sure there is access to the equipment and remember an Arctic has access doors on each side of the spa. Cut a hole roughly 18″ wider all the way around the tub.

Then use pull out type panels, that match the decking, to fill in these areas. Also, remember that you may not always be in this home and will either have to leave the spa behind or cover the hole. It is much safer to “countersink” the tub rather than have the decking come right up to the lip.

The reason, it’s much easier to enter and exit a hot tub while sitting on the lip and swinging your legs over than to step down into the water. Water will distort the distance needed to go to reach the first step and hot tubs are slippery! So have a safety bar to enter and leave the tub or sit down on the deck and swivel.

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