A Hot Tub and a Good Book – What Else Does a Mom Need?

by Feb 26, 2012

Woman relaxing in a hot tub

Take one look a home and garden spa and that relaxed feeling sweeps over you. Whether the hot tub is in-ground or above, set amid beautiful landscaping or sitting on your back patio, it’s entire purpose is to provide a place to relax and to let the worries of every day life melt away.

While adding in friends, family, music, and spa games makes for a great party, sometimes a quieter spa experience is required. Reading in hot tubs may just provide the perfect blend of solitude and pulsating water needed to relax even the most stressed out and overtired mom.

Woman relaxing in a hot tub

Sun + Water + Words = Bliss

Research shows that there are many health benefits to a hot tub. They relax muscles, promote good sleep, and even improve your mood. The sun is equally beneficial, promoting overall health and decreasing anxiety. As mothers, these benefits are critical.

When you add in a good book, you are adding in humor, mental stimulation, self-help – whatever appeals to you on a personal level. Consider purchasing an eBook reader that is waterproof to give added flexibility. Add in a cold drink and the baby monitor, and nap time turns into mommy time.

The Words Matter

Selecting your hot tub reading material is a fairly personal choice. Still, there are some options that really stand out.

  • Best Sellers — Check out the New York Times best seller list. They track new releases and paperbacks. The Hunger Games is a fun young-adult story guaranteed to keep your interest.
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction – – Sometimes an escape is what you need and a fantasy or sci-fi book is just the thing.  Try The Game of Thrones saga for a summers worth of reading.
  • A Little Bit of Romance – Try a ‘trashy’ romance novel to escape from the stresses of everyday life. Authors Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel are always great choices.
  • Thrillers — Detective novels and horror stories are always great escapes. Consider following a series, like the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. His latest offering is Kill Alex Cross.
  • Help Yourself — Pick out a few self-help books to address any problems you are facing. Organization, childcare, and time management are all excellent choices. Mans Search for Meaning may change your life.

What It Takes

Before slipping into the hot tub, be sure to get everything you need for a relaxing afternoon. Your book, a towel, sunglasses, a drink, and a timer are necessities. Consider adding in a spa caddy or side table to hold all of your goodies. Add in some snacks, a little music, and some sunblock to really enjoy the afternoon.

If you are just looking for a little alone time, reading is the perfect solution. If, instead, you want some adult time, consider starting a book club with meetings held in hot tubs! Whatever you read, some time in the hot tub with a good book will always be time well spent, making you more relaxed, more well rested, and a better mom.

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