A positive experience

A positive experience needs to be shared. Almost fourteen years ago my wife, Debbie and I, thanks to our contractor, Norman Hendricks and his crew, constructed our dream home on an acreage just south of Radium Hot Springs. In building it we selected the spot where our hot tub would be installed once we came close to retirement. That time came and we initially approached a dealership in Invermere . We were treated respectfully but before we proceeded to purchase a hot tub we heard, from a source we considered to be knowledgeable, that we might want to compare hot tubs by approaching Valley Spas in Invermere.

It was under these circumstances that we met Neil Woeflie of Valley Spas. In a pleasant highly informative way Neil introduced us to Arctic Spas and Coyote Spas. We were immediately attracted by the former after being advised that they were manufactured, to the highest standards, in Alberta. We were assured that they are designed to function in extreme temperatures.

Being of Scandinavian heritage we were intrigued by the Norwegian Legend

model. The one we selected came complete with bear claw controls, 61 jets, 3 pumps, cedar cabinetry and a virtually impenetrable base.

We arrived at an agreeable price. Installation, with the assistance of Rocky Mountain Cranes (1-800-548-8068), Neil and his good friend ,Kelly was an “oh my gosh” experience. We settled up at  Valley Spas and in the process met Coralie Woelfie, Neil’s lovely wife. To close the deal she presented us with?????? Well, you’ll find out for yourself when you acquire your own wonderful hot tub from Valley Spas.

We inaugurated the Norwegian Legend Tuesday evening, August 20/13. The experience far exceeded our expectations. Thanks Neil and Coralie and you too Kelly.



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