Arctic Spas are AWESOME!

Another happy cusotmer!

“This past winter in Toronto was brutal. Just before Christmas we had a major ice storm and all the homes in my area here in Caledon lost our power for 4 to 6 days.

Our hot tub froze…… the very bottom and I was resigned to the fact that pipes and the tub were cracked due to the expansion etc. In April the tub was still frozen….on its way to thawing but still with lots of ice in the bottom……but the water level had not dropped.

In May with everything finally completely thawed, I started up the hot tub again. No leaks, no cracks, heater works! Amazing!I have since changed the water, and started up the salt water system with everything working great!!!!

Your quality and workmanship are AWESOME!!!

I am a huge fan.I have just sold my house to move further north and will certainly be re-investing in another Arctic Spa Hot Tub.The best I have ever had!!!!


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