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Pulse™ – Bearing-less Hot Tub Jets

Amazing Hydrotherapy Jets Built For Your Hot Tub

Arctic Spas patented rotating, bearing-less Pulse jets provide a range of massage from light and refined to deep and invigorating. As the nozzle smoothly rotates on a titanium shaft, water oscillates in a pattern that never stings.

Our jets thread in and out, so that removal is never a hassle, but still retain an adjustable face to vary the pressure as required. With no ball bearings to ever seize and fail, your personal masseuse never takes a day off.

Unlike most other manufacturers, our spas use only rotating jets – no stationary or “directional” jets are substituted to cut costs. Also, we no longer offer stainless steel jets trim finishes – for an upgraded appearance we now offer Titanium finished jets.

Titanium (Ti) is significantly more resistant to damage resulting from variation in water chemistry than stainless, and is extremely durable. Jet escutcheons, Therapy Air jets (if equipped), pump intake covers and external lighting sconces can all be clad in gleaming Titanium for a refined and luxurious finishing touch.

Looking for replacements jets for another brand of spa but like the Arctic Spa jet? We may be able to help, try here.

Great Spa Jets Give Great Therapy