Arctic Spas On Wikipedia & Industry Canada

by May 1, 2012

Arctic Spas on Industry Canada site

Here are a couple of good, a little dated, but good independently written articles about Arctic Spas. Here is an excerpt from the government of Canada Industry Canada web article:

As with most small businesses, they ran it on a shoestring in the beginning. During the first year, all proceeds were pumped back into the company. “We lived on day-to-day cash flow financing,” says Darcy, doing whatever it took to keep the plant running. “It was ‘just-in-time’ production because we could only afford just-in-time,” says Dennis. He remembers rushing to retrofit pumps into the finished hot tub units just before they were shipped out because the company didn’t have a line of credit and had to wait until they could pay for the pumps in cash.

Arctic Spas on Industry Canada site

Arctic Spas on Industry Canada site

Another good historical article appears on Wikipedia, here.

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