Arctic Spas – The One and Only Cold Climate Hot Tub

by Oct 11, 2016


Cold weather usually spells doom for most hot tubs and spas. But not Arctic Spas. Forged in the winter wonderland of Canada’s Alberta province, our spas are made to thrive in cold, snowy climates – because they have to! While other hot tubs are unusable in harsh winter conditions, Arctic Spas hot tubs provide year-round enjoyment, regardless of your local weather patterns.

What sets Arctic Spas apart from the competition?

Quality components and careful craftsmanship, for sure, but that doesn’t fully explain why Arctic Spas is the #1 cold weather hot tub. The difference is our exclusive FreeHeat insulation system. This innovative technology uses entire-perimeter insulation, instead of spa shell insulation used by other hot tub manufacturers. Because our shell is so strong, there’s no need to add extra heat retention materials. As a result, the ambient heat from the pump motors is used to heat the water, and also maintain optimal water temperature. With FreeHeat insulation, Arctic Spas hot tubs feature low operating costs, from the day of purchase and throughout the lifetime of your hot tub.

Conquer the cold. Enjoy the outdoors. Expand your entertainment capabilities, whether it’s 75 and sunny or sixteen below. With Arctic Spas, anything’s possible!

Climate Compatibility – Is Your Hot Tub a Four-Season Performer?

Compatibility is a term you hear a lot about tech gear, software and other similar products. The ability to perform under a diverse set of circumstances – regardless of software revision, hardware and other factors – distinguishes the great commodities from the merely good ones. In order to get the best possible value out of your hot tub or spa, it’s time to expand the concept of compatibility to a useful metric for gauging hot tub durability and performance: climate compatibility.

Climate compatibility is an important – and often overlooked – aspect of outdoor hot tubs. When purchasing a spa or hot tub, don’t ignore compatibility…in other words, ask a simple question: Will this hot tub survive and thrive in any type of weather? Because all Arctic Spas products are designed to handle tough winter conditions, they’re obviously ideal for any type of climate. If you hot tub is able to make it through sub-zero conditions, it’ll certainly provide a relaxing retreat in warmer temperatures.

Most hot tubs aren’t manufactured to operate in less than ideal weather. To think about weather compatibility another way, imagine a vinyl hot tub in pleasant summer conditions. For the most part, it works well (although not nearly as durable or inexpensive to operate as an Arctic Spas hot tub) enough. But would this type of hot tub do well in a foot of snow with frigid Arctic wind? As we discussed before, subpar material translates to subpar performance – especially in sub-freezing temperatures! Only Arctic Spas features hot tubs and spas specifically designed for cold weather; and with abundant built-in features (which we’ll touch on in a moment), our hot tubs boast unrivaled cold weather performance.


Total Temperature Protection – Outside, Inside and Everywhere in Between

Total temperature protection involves safeguarding your hot tub against exterior elements and interior temperature fluctuations. How does Arctic Spas ensure superior protection against outside temperature, while also regulating water conditions inside your tub? Cold climate credentials don’t get any better than Arctic Spas hot tubs, with features such as:

  • Mylovac cover – one of the most energy-efficient covers available on the market, our Mylovac covers are also incredibly strong. With full-length baffles and impressive 5” thickness, no other cover even comes close!
  • Forever Floor – this type of base raises the hot tub an extra 3 inches off the ground. Plus, the rugged construction doesn’t require a concrete pad; it’ll go virtually anywhere!
  • Western Red Cedar cabinets – the ideal combination of style and durability, our Western Red Cedar construction includes functional cabinets and easy-to-remove panels for 100% access to your hot tub’s interior components; this design is ideal for repairs and upgrades.
  • Perimeter Heat Lock – with extra foam all around the tub, water temperature is maintained internally, thanks to the natural ambient heat provided by interior pumps. Every Arctic Spas hot tub includes a self-supporting shell – one of the strongest hot tub shells you’ll find anywhere – which doesn’t require insulation. This means that the water acts as a heat sink, and this saves significant operating costs over the lifetime of your hot tub!

Rugged, ready-for-anything construction is part of the Arctic Spas story, but not the entire story. While all of our hot tubs and spas feature standard-setting exterior strength, the interior water condition is also very important to your hot tub’s performance, longevity and reliability.


Fully Automated, Hassle-Free Water Quality Management – Introducing Spa Boy®!

For pool owners, maintenance requires constant attention, or the assistance of the ubiquitous “pool boy.” For Arctic Spas hot tub owners, there’s a much easier (and much more efficient) way to keep the water at optimal sanitizer (chlorine) levels. Spa Boy®, a revolutionary new automated spa care system, allows precise control and monitoring of your hot tub’s water cleanliness level – right on your smartphone, wherever you happen to be!

Hot tub water maintenance isn’t the “fun” part of owning a hot tub. Plus, most people just can’t keep up with a rigorous maintenance schedule. Well, Spa Boy® does 95% of the work for you. With just a few taps on the Spa Boy® control interface, your hot tub’s Ph levels are revealed. Spa Boy® automatically measures and adjusts the chlorine level of your hot tub water, and also provides accurate Ph level data. With Spa Boy®, water quality maintenance becomes a relatively rare event, not a frequent chore!


Add it all up, and Arctic Spas offers some of the lowest operating costs of any mass-produced hot tub. Regardless of your local climate, our hot tubs maintain interior water temperature, thanks to FreeHeat technology.  Plus, Spa Boy® provides real-time support and easy chlorine and Ph maintenance. And with water temperature and quality assured, you can enjoy your hot tub more – all year round – with no worries!

And even if you don’t live in an area with blustery winter conditions, Arctic Spas still make sense, because operating expenses are still significantly less than other brands. In the long run, Arctic Spas offer the most affordable ownership costs of every other brand. With Arctic Spas, you get:

  • A superior hot tub, with innovative features and advanced, patented engineering
  • Beautiful, stylish architecture
  • Tap-and-forget water quality maintenance (Spa Boy®)
  • Ultra-affordable operating costs

Arctic Spas are the only hot tubs built for winter weather enjoyment. Jinxing Jack Frost isn’t easy, but our design team has done the improbable. And that means your spa time is now possible twelve months per year, in any climate – all with minimal ownership expenses!

Are you ready to experience the Arctic Spas difference? There are plenty of ways to reach us. Find a certified Arctic Spas distributor near you, or check out our latest hot tub brochure. You can also send us a message with any questions about winter weather performance.