Create a Private Romantic Getaway around your Hot Tub

by Sep 16, 2011

romantic hot tub

You may not think you have a romantic bone in your body, and your wife or girlfriend might agree with that assessment. But, if you’ve ever been involved in a long-term relationship, you know you need to pull out the stops now and then to keep your better half happy. It’s really not that difficult, and the good news is you’re likely to enjoy yourself, in spite of the evening’s romantic overtones.

Hot Tub romance

So, if you’ve stayed out too late with the boys; passed gas at an inappropriate time or missed an important anniversary, birthday or family function, create your own romantic getaway and sweep your girl off her feet. Chances are, if you really put some effort into it, one night of romance could last you a few months.

What You Can Do to Be Romantic

Your budget is most likely pretty tight, especially if you want to keep your plans secret. This means a weekend getaway in Italy might not be possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little of that Italian romance home.

If you have children, choose a night to send them off to the grandparents, or for an overnight date with friends to free up your evening. Next, you’ll need to think about dinner. Even the most novice of cooks can whip up tomato sauce and pasta with a side salad, but you might want to go light on the garlic.

Set the table with a nice tablecloth, scented candles, a nice red wine and presto! You might not be in Italy, but you’ve set the stage for a nice romantic dinner. Note: if you leave the kitchen in a disaster, it could dampen the mood, so try to keep that in mind as you’re demolishing the kitchen for the meal.

Keep the Effort Going

After a nice, romantic dinner, lead your lady-love out to the hot tub where you have a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers waiting for her. Set out a robe, a fluffy towel, and perhaps offer a foot rub before she relaxes in the swirling, heated water.

Go on! Get on in there with her, just make sure you have enough privacy. Nothing spoils a romantic moment more than being arrested for public lewdness, called in by an annoying neighbour.

You see? The simple things can mean so much and make a huge difference. A nice dinner, some relaxing alone time together – that’s romance. Make this a regular habit and you may get away with a few more boy’s nights – or, you may just enjoy staying home.