Day 2 of the Arctic Spas Seminar

by Jan 7, 2013

A contest on Arctic Spas Seminar

The format for day 2 of the Arctic Spa Dealer Seminar involved a monumental and welcome change of format — kudos to the seminar organizers!

The various departments of Arctic Spas were split into ten stations and people from every dealership were grouped together into ten teams.  These teams spent 45 minutes at each table, talking extensively with the department at each station to discuss the specifics of products, marketing, special offers and sales, training, warranty, and resource management.

Feedback about this format was universally positive, because the dealers were able to drill down to specific questions related directly to their business and all the experts from the Arctic Spas head office were able to focus on on short sharp action points that each department needed to communicate to the dealers.

This intimate format suited everyone so much more than a presentation or lecture style format as it allowed for precise and focused detail and really in-depth questions and answers between all the participants.  We continued for the whole day with groups moving between the departments and ended on a very positive note. More of the same is coming in the morning!

The afternoon’s events began with some fun team building exercises for the Arctic Spas family with games being played in the resort’s pool.  Competition (and cheating!) was fierce!

A contest on Arctic Spas Seminar

The laid back Jamaican attitude was certainly not apparent in the competitive nature of the teams today!