Don’t Have Room for a Hot Tub? Guess Again – Ways To Make It Fit!

by Jan 6, 2017

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A family in an arctic spas hot tub by pool

Everyone loves a hot tub. But not everyone has acres of backyard space to install one. Many would-be purchases have been delayed or derailed by simple logistics; “I’d love a hot tub or spa at my house, but unfortunately, we simply don’t have the room for one.”

If you have somewhat cramped quarters and don’t think you can make an Arctic Spas hot tub work in your space, think again! With just the right blend of space-saving creativity, optimal use of materials and superlative square-footage management, anything’s possible! Just take a look at the inventive installations from some Arctic Spas customers from all over the globe.

Or, to put it another way: if you definitely want that hot water box in your backyard or leisure area, you just have to think outside the box!

Let’s look at some canny and crafty uses of limited space – as you’ll see, some people (especially Arctic Spas customers) will go to great lengths (even with small widths and depths) to make their hot tub or spa work – no matter what, no matter where!


Innovative Installation Techniques

Making room for your hot tub out of seemingly nothing is a skill – and just like every skill, it requires some planning and practice. Here’s how you can make your Arctic Spas hot tub fit practically anywhere!


Relax – Just Recess It!

The recessed hot tub is one of the more popular methods for making enough room. Many people skip this type of installation because they’re not crazy about less livable deck space. But think about it: what better way to “live it up” than with an Arctic Spas hot tub built right into your deck or patio? Here’s one user-submitted example of the classic recessed hot tub & spa installation:

 Arctic spas hot tub on the external deck


Park it on the Porch

Arctic Spas offers all sorts of hot tub and spa sizes, and our 1-2 person hot tubs are ideal when space it at a premium. With limited square footage to work with, this Arctic Spas owner decided to “wedge in” their hot tub adjacent with an outside wall. Corner porch space was sacrificed, but when the result is a relaxing, enjoy-anytime retreat, who’s really keeping score?

arctic spas hot tub on deck at night


Just Another Landscaping Layer

If your backyard area is already packed with landscaping elements, you can always find a way to integrate your hot tub right into the picture. Making your hot tub an integral part of your outdoor space – even when that space lacks an obvious installation point – is somewhat of an art form. At the very least, it’s a method that takes some forethought and advance planning.


Here’s an Arctic Spas hot tub that’s tucked away among some foliage, made even more discreet with smart & perceptive sub-level placement, immediately below the porch. It just goes to show, even the smallest backyards can accommodate the hot tub of your dreams!

arctic spas hot tub on the baskyard



The Last Frontier

Sometimes, the Great Outdoors can become the Greatest Outdoors. Arctic Kingdom, a travel adventure and tour company in the Nunavut Territory of northern Canada, placed their Arctic Spas hot tub alongside the Frobisher Bay shoreline – and why not? With legendary outdoor durability and weather-proof attributes, you can make an Arctic Spas hot tub “fit” anywhere on the plant, in conditions that would stop all other hot tubs freezing cold in their tracks.


Hot tub next to the lake



Our hot tub installation experts can assist with your own space considerations. To speak with our team, stop by your nearest Arctic Spas dealer, or give us a call at 1-800-309-1744. Thanks for reading our blog. And if you’re already an Arctic Spas owner with your own ingenious hot tub installation, please visit our gallery page and submit your photo!