Forever Floor™

Say Goodbye to Site Set-Up


Strength Meets Durability

Like a ship’s hull, for your spa

Arctic Spas’ Forever Floor™ completely removes the need for complicated and costly site setup procedures. Instead, Forever flooring builds the necessary foundation directly into your hot tub, saving you time and expensive preparation costs.

With a Forever Floor™, your spa is also completely protected against pests, weather, and time. Built from the same material as a cargo-ship’s hull, Forever Floor’s impermeable SMC fiberglass base provides the strength and durability required to prolong the lifespan of your spa’s internal mechanisms.

Because your spa’s foundation is built into it, relocating your hot tub has never been easier. Forever Floor™ takes the place of a concrete pad, meaning it can accompany your spa to any location, completely removing the need for repetitive site set up.

Discover the ease and accessibility of built in foundation, with Forever Floor™.

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Forever Floor
Forever Floor