Hot Tub Cover

Fierce Protection Against the Elements

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Vacuum Sealed for Premium Longevity

Technologically innovative design

The Arctic Spas® Hot Tub Cover offers new and innovative practices to upgrade your spa’s already protective and durable, standard hot tub cover.

Precisely tapered edges allow moisture to simply slide off your cover, preventing any sagging, sloping, or buckling under the weight of heavy snow and rainfall.

The addition of exclusive VacSeal technology also keeps your hot tub cover mold and moisture free in even the most persistent weather conditions. As your cover’s foam core is inserted into its lining, powerful vacuum sealing removes residual air and space pockets, effectively preventing the onset of leaks to drastically prolong your cover’s lifespan.

Trust that your spa is always secure against the elements, with an Arctic Spas® premium Hot Tub Cover. Now available in 5” – 4” or 4” – 2” thickness.