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Hot Tub Sleep Benefits

According to the National Center of Sleep Disorder Research, nearly 1 in 5 Americans experience some form of sleep disruption. The negative outcomes from such widespread sleep disorders – lost time at work, accidents, medication and more – amounts to a nearly $16 billion annual health care bill.

But the remedy might be closer than you think – and if you own an Arctic Spas hot tub or portable spa, it might be right in your own back yard! Different scientific studies illustrate what some people have known for a long time: you really can sleep better with regular hot tub use!

The sleep benefits of hot tubs show a growing body of evidence, and these studies and trials confirm the old wives’ tale that a quick dip in a hot tub immediately before bed promotes the best sleep you’ve ever experienced. Can hot tubs promote better sleep? Encouraging studies and other statistical analysis confirm they absolutely do, through a specific process involved with body temperature manipulation. Let’s take a look.

Do Hot Tubs Help You Sleep Better?

Many people claim to sleep better with an evening session in the hot tub, and there is some clinical evidence to back up this theory. The body’s natural ebb and flow of internal body temperature wanes at nighttime, and reaches a low point around 4:30 AM. Therefore, a slight rise in temperature – which a 15-minute hot tub soak can achieve – will naturally kick-start this “cooling off” process, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Restless leg syndrome, commonly referred to as RLS, is one of the major causes of sleep disorders and insomnia. According to the National Sleep Foundation, establishing a regular and relaxing bedtime routine – including time in a hot tub or portable spa – can significantly improve your chances of getting the best night’s sleep possible.

A restful night’s sleep is essential for good health. And for many people, the best way to achieve deep, restorative sleep is with a quick dip in the hot tub before bed. Even after trauma – a car accident, injury or other unfortunate episode – hot tub sleep benefits can help restore energy, reduce stress and improve widespread health markers. But it all starts with sleep, and hot tubs and portable spas can help with sleep right away!

Discover the Sleep Benefits of Arctic Spas Hot Tubs and Portable Spas

Arctic Spas offers a great selection of portable spas, swim spas and hot tubs that can help with anyone’s sleep, including yours! Discover for yourself how hydrotherapy can be used for better sleep. Create your own beneficial pre-bedtime routine – any time of the year, in practically any weather – with an Arctic Spas hot tub or swim spa.

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