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Hot Tubs for Diabetes

How Hydrotherapy Helps with Diabetes Symptoms

It’s estimated that over 400 million people worldwide suffer from some form of diabetes, mainly Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Caused by the body’s inability to effectively regulate blood sugar levels due to abnormal insulin production, diabetes is regarded by most health organizations as a global health threat.

Chances are you or someone you know suffers from diabetes. But aside from insulin shots, expensive medications and other costly measures, are there any alternative therapy methods for treating diabetes?

Hydrotherapy has shown plenty of positive impact for a variety of injuries and illnesses, and it’s now considered common knowledge that water therapy for diabetes – including regularly scheduled and random hot tub use – can improve certain health markers for diabetes patients.

Arctic Spas hot tubs and swim spas offer endless entertainment possibilities, and they can also be used as primary hydrotherapy aids for diabetes patients anywhere in the world. And when we say anywhere, we mean it! One of our hot tubs is currently used in the sub-zero conditions by Arctic Kingdom, a travel adventure company located in the far northern reaches of Canada’s Nunavut Territory.

Diabetes and Hot Tubs – Hydrotherapy’s Little-Known Impact
While hot tub and spa therapy has been touted as having positive effects for every condition ranging from high blood pressure to sleep disorders, it’s becoming increasingly evident that diabetes patients can benefit from hot tub use, too.

The warm waters of the Dead Sea have offered refuge and relaxation for millions of people throughout the Middle East, and recent scientific analysis suggests a strong link between type 2 diabetes symptom relief and the Dead Sea’s soothing, hot tub-like hydrotherapy.

Some interesting medical studies have been conducted on water therapy’s positive impact on blood sugar levels. These tests and trials illustrate how hot tubs have been used to benefit diabetes patients many different ways, including:

Enhanced insulin sensitivity.
In one study, diabetes patients were subjected to regular hot tub therapy. The data showed that hot tub use enhanced patient health by mimicking intense aerobic exercise – just one of the positive benefits of better insulin sensitivity. This is particularly important for diabetes patients that aren’t able to exercise regularly due to age, physical disability or other limitations.

Normalized blood pressure.
For many diabetes patients, their condition is compounded by high blood pressure. Some tests suggest a strong correlation with warm water hydrotherapy and normalized blood pressure.

Reduced blood sugar levels.
The jury is still out on hot tub hydrotherapy’s impact on actual blood sugar levels, but a recent New England Journal of Medicine paper showed that five men and three women with type 2 diabetes had lower blood sugar levels after extensive, regularly scheduled hot tub sessions.

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With such encouraging research showing the benefits of hydrotherapy and hot tub use for diabetes patients, maybe it’s time you enjoyed the numerous advantages for yourself. Our goal is to help you find the best possible hot tub or swim spa for your needs, whether you’re looking for a social gathering spot or a therapeutic retreat.

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