Hot Tub Review & Testimonial

by Jul 16, 2012

Here is a genuine testimonial from an Arctic Spa customer. This particular customer bought from the Arctic Spas dealer in Whitby, Ontario.

He makes a good point that is worth repeating; there are two important factors to consider when deciding which hot tub to purchase. First, the brand is important. It is important to choose a quality brand that has the features and options that you want. If you live in a place that gets cold at night or in the winter then the Arctic brand makes a lot of sense.

Second, the dealer you buy from is important. The typical warranty on an Arctic Spa is 5 years but if the dealer is unable to honor that warranty if something goes wrong then you have a problem.

*(The Arctic warranty is backed by the manufacturer so ultimately you are covered but having a reliable local dealer makes the warranty process much quicker and a good dealer will provide much more than the basic warranty coverage)