Hot Tubs After Dark: Let Lighting Transform Your Spa Space

by Feb 6, 2012

hot tub lighting skyline

One of the biggest advantages to owning a private hot tub is that you’re free to sink down into your relaxing spa any time you want—even after the sun goes down. Whether you’re playing a few post-dinner family spa games, hosting your own hot tub party, or simply relishing in a little starlit relaxation for Mom and Dad, hot tubs only get better after dark.

Your hot tub needs no help heating up after the sun goes down, true, but it’s hard to enjoy your piping spa when you can’t see a hand in front of your face. You may have all the necessary spa accessories for daytime usage, but those oh-so-essential hot tub covers, chemicals and filters won’t help you any when it’s pitch black out. There’s one more accessory you need to add to your collection: lighting.

Interior Hot Tub Lighting

Hands-down, the prettiest lighting option for your hot tub is in-spa lighting. In-spa lighting means your spa is lit from its internal structure, eliminating the need for extra exterior lighting. In-spa lighting lends your spa a little romantic ambiance; it’s the perfect lighting if you intend on primarily using your spa for relaxation. Unlike harsh light bulbs, in-spa lighting doesn’t distract relaxation by creating a glare on the water. It’s ideal for stargazing or for taking advantage of natural hot tub therapeutic benefits.

Lighting Your Family Hot Tub Parties

Relaxation benefits aren’t the only advantages of owning hot tubs and swim spas. Spa entertaining couldn’t be easier—just whip off those hot tub covers and let your guests jump in your steaming private spa. Light up that spa party in style with some fun, party-themed lighting.

Underwater light shows are hugely popular with kids; they’re the ideal way to bring a little extra fun to family spa time. These colorful, moving light displays can also add a disco-like atmosphere to your hot tub games and parties.

At Night, Safety Comes First

When most people think of “hot tub safety,” they think of changing hot tub filters and moderating hot tub chemicals. Slick surfaces and drowning risks mean proper lighting is every bit as important as caring for your spa. Motion-detector lights can help you illuminate your hot tub area when you’re ready to get in and out, without disturbing your spa relaxation time.

Transform Your Spa Area

Whether you string up some party lanterns or spring for an underwater light show, lighting is the perfect way to transform your spa area into something brand new. Tiki lanterns for an island paradise, Christmas lights for a snowy winter wonderland, candles for a romantic evening, light shows for your beach-themed hot tub parties—your spa space is only as limited as your imagination.

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