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How to Choose a Hot Tub

Before you know which Arctic Spas hot tub to buy, you have to get an honest, realistic assessment of your needs. But you also need an accurate estimation of your available outdoor space, your leisure time commitments, potential guests and many other factors.

Don’t buy a hot tub without first asking yourself a few fundamental questions.

In order to understand how to buy a hot tub, first determine the who, what, where and when of your hot tub. How to choose a hot tub seems daunting in the beginning, but the answers are there – you just have to ask the right questions!

  • Who is your hot tub for? If just you and your spouse are looking for a small hot tub, the Arctic Fox is a good option. But if you need a spacious family tub or spa, the 6-person Frontier or the 9-person Summit XL might be a better fit.
  • What is the main purpose for your hot tub purchase? Are you planning a busy entertainment HQ for your vacation home? Or simply looking to complete your small gazebo? Perhaps you’re looking to purchase a spa for relaxation or well-being. Your hot tub’s purpose will help determine which type is best for you!
  • Where will your hot tub be located? Your hot tub requirements can range from a seldom-used vacation home addition to a busy backyard area. Another “where” question: what type of climate will your outdoor hot tub face on a year-round basis? Is your hot tub tough enough to stand up to the elements? Arctic Spas hot tubs are!
  • When do you plan on using your hot tub? If you need a twelve-month hot tub, your needs are different from someone who plans on spring or summer usage. Keep this in mind, though: most of our customers end up using their Arctic Spas hot tub all year long. Unlike other hot tub brands, ours are made to thrive in any outdoor environment!

What to Look for When Buying a Hot Tub

A hot tub is a major purchase. If you want to know how to buy the best hot tub, remember this key concept: return on investment. And it’s not just the financial aspects, although those are important. A hot tub’s true value is measured in the enjoyment, fun and well-being it brings every day, every week, every year.

Which things should you look for when buying a hot tub? Quality. Compatibility. Robust technological features. A solid reputation. Rugged design, especially if you experience harsh winters. Lucky for you, Arctic Spas checks all the boxes!

Hot Tub Buying Tips – How to Buy a Hot Tub

How to choose the best hot tub becomes clearer with these tips.

  • Think of your hot tub as investment. More than a simple leisure center or relaxing retreat, your hot tub is a worthwhile investment. Aside from the obvious financial investment, you’re also investing in yourself – your family, your lifestyle, even your health and well-being. In other words, don’t underestimate the hot tub purchasing process. Take it seriously. Do extra research. Find out as much as you can. Arctic Spas has a friendly, helpful staff to help answer any questions you have. We realize how important your hot tub purchase is, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure you make the right choice!
  • Personally inspect your tub prior to purchase. Your nearest Arctic Spas showroom is the perfect place to check out the world’s finest brand of hot tubs. Check out standard features. Ask about add-on options. Inspect the construction quality. Give our super-sturdy Mylovac cover the “walk test.” Review some energy-saving features that will help your bottom line. In short, nothing beats an in-person review – and
  • Account for future additions. This means house additions and family additions. If you’re planning on expanding that deck or adding extra entertainment space to your outdoor area, purchase your hot tub with the future in mind. Of course, if your family has expansion plans as well – kids on the way, in-laws moving in, whatever – you’ll want to consider those personal additions, too!

Our team at Arctic Spas can help you buy a hot tub today. Visit an Arctic Spas dealer, or give our hot tub consultants a call at 800-309-1744. Thanks for visiting Arctic Spas, home of the original cold weather hot tub!

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