How to Make Your Outdoor Hot Tub More Private

by Sep 18, 2011

private build in hot tub

What happens in your hot tub should stay in your hot tub. Unfortunately, you could be exposed to nosy neighbours, the street, or even the neighbour’s living room window. No one needs to know your business, and there are plenty of ways to make your outdoor hot tub more private no matter the location or budgetary restraints.

Privacy in the Hot Tub

Top End Choices

Of course, if you have a generous budget to work with, you can always construct a gazebo to shield your hot tub from prying eyes. Some come in kits you can erect yourself if you’re handy, and others may require the services of a professional contractor. Another choice for privacy is a fence surrounding your yard, but again, this will depend on your budget and how much you want to invest.

Cost-Effective and Easy Construct

Some people opt for privacy screens to keep the hot tub off-limits from nosy people. The range of privacy screens is huge – from custom-made screens made from exotic materials such as bamboo and silk to utilitarian screens from the local department store. You really are only limited by your imagination and wallet. The only drawback to these types of privacy screens is they will have to be stowed in inclement weather or they could cause damage if left unsecured.

You can even visit your local hardware store and pick up the materials to make your own. Depending on the location of your hot tub and how much privacy you need, you can make your own screen in as little as an afternoon or weekend, with just a few household tools. Many places offer instructions and help with do-it-yourself projects of this nature. Some materials you can choose from include lattice, fabric or window screens. Again, use your imagination and you might be surprised at what you can come up with.

If construction isn’t your thing, not to worry. There are many outlets in which you can purchase privacy screen kits and they usually don’t take much to install. The choices range from opaque windows to spa pavilions, and you can often coordinate with existing structures you may already have in place. In a pinch, you can station various plants and greenery around the hot tub, but keep in mind real plants may present a bit of a problem with dropping leaves and debris.

The obvious advantage to privacy screens is…well, privacy, obviously. But a privacy screen can also provide protection from weather elements as well. This way, you can not only enjoy your hot tub without prying eyes, but you can use your outdoor hot tub no matter what the weather is doing. It’s a win/win situation.