How to Throw the Ultimate Hot Tub Party — What You Need to Know

by Sep 23, 2011

hot tub party

The only thing more fun than an evening drinking bubbly in the hot tub is an evening sharing it with others. They’ll have such a great time you’ll wind up being the cool kid in the neighbourhood — everyone will want to play at your house all the time.

But a hot tub party is a lot different from a regular party, and if you want to make it a good one you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Ultimate Hot Tub Party

Have Extra Hot Tub Supplies

No matter how clear your invitations are about it being a ‘hot tub party’, someone will always forget to bring something they need (or may deliberately ‘forget’ so they don’t have to go in). Get around this and call their bluff by making sure you have extra towels, spare bathing suits, and a first aid kit (just in case).

Plan to Keep Guests Busy

Your guests will certainly enjoy relaxing in the hot tub, but keep in mind they can’t stay in there indefinitely. And if you’ve invited more people than your tub can hold, they’ll need something else to do while they’re waiting to hop in.

Corny kiddie party games likely won’t be much fun, so how about adding an adult or tropical twist to them. Or maybe you can try one of these ideas:

● Giving pedicures, manicures, massages, or facials

● Palm readings, mehndi art, palm readings, or horoscopes

● Waterproof playing cards, memory games, casino or trivia games, and many others

Food, Drinks and Music

No party would be complete without food, music, and drinks. But keep in mind how water and heat can affect your body. So, while you may be tempted to roast a pig on a spit and serve it with all the trimmings, you may want to resist – your guests won’t feel very festive if they’ve overeaten. And the combination of a hot tub, tight bathing suit, and good old self-consciousness could make them feel worse.

Alcoholic drinks can take the edge off and get everyone in the mood to have fun, but not everyone likes or wants these kinds of beverages (especially if they’re driving). So, make sure to have a good mixture of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot, and cold drinks for your guests to choose from and serve them up in plastic cups to avoid breaking glass in the tub.

It’s the same with music — make sure there’s a wide variety in your playlist. While the music should get everyone in the party mood, you might also want to include some quiet pieces or nature sounds to help everyone relax and digest their meal.

Make It Look Like a Party

It’s amazing how much of an effect one or two decorations can have on the general mood of the party and feel of the area. So, set up those candles, install some patio lighting or torches, add mosquito netting or citronella, streamers, tropical plants, and other items. Create that special look and feel to enhance the theme of your party and make it easy for everyone to have fun. (And don’t forget the party favors!)

Whatever you do, don’t forget the most important thing about throwing a successful party: having fun. If you’re not having fun, no one else will enjoy themselves either. Don’t worry too much if it doesn’t go perfectly. Take it all in your stride, and just enjoy the night.