How to Winterize Your Hot Tub

by Feb 28, 2017


For hot tub owners in four-season climates – or one-season climates (year-round winter) – winterizing a hot tub is one of the most important processes for keeping everything in proper working order. If you properly winterize your hot tub, you’ll enjoy:

  • Longer-lasting value
  • Better performance
  • Investment protection
  • Added insurance against the elements

And that’s just scratching the surface. But what is the best way to winterize your hot tub? For Arctic Spas owners,

Here’s something that Arctic Spas hot tub owners know about winterizing: for the most part, their hot tub is already winterized. Unlike other brands and models, Arctic Spas hot tubs are built to not just survive brutal winter conditions, but to thrive! In fact, you don’t have to winterize your Arctic Spas hot tub; they’re designed for year-round use.

If you’ll be away for an extended period of time and need to winterize, check out our Do I Need to Winterize My Hot Tub? section on our Support and How-To Videos page. You’ve got enough to worry about, so why worry about the weather’s impact on your hot tub? With just a few easy, common-sense steps, an Arctic Spas hot tub or spa is ready to take on Mother Nature’s worst weather.

Here are a few Arctic Spas accessories that make winterizing a hot tub hassle-free and easier than

  • Handrails. With the handrails out of the way, it’s easier to cover and protect your hot tub. Arctic Spas handrails are exclusively designed to provide easy removal and re-installation, once the weather warms up.
  • Outsmart winter with Smart Winter Mode. Many Arctic Spas hot tubs and spas include “Smart Winter Mode,” which automatically turns on the water pumps to prevent pipes from freezing up. This feature isn’t a sole substitute for a complete winterizing, but acts as a safeguard against severely cold temperatures.
  • The world’s best hot tub cover. With a Mylovac cover, your hot tub is protected with the sturdiest, strongest accessory on the market. The cover easily holds snow and ice, helps retain heat, extends the life of your hot tub and reduces energy costs. If there’s any cover that was custom-made to help winterize your hot tub, this is it!


Where Winterizing Goes Wrong: The Fallacy of Inflatable Tubs

Getting your hot tub ready for the winter months sometimes seems like extra work, but if you’re an Arctic Spas owner, consider this:

You don’t have to winterize for the long-term, if you’re going to use your hot tub or spa in the winter. That’s the one great advantage of owning an Arctic Spas hot tub; because each hot tub and spa has built-in weather-ready durability, winterizing is optional. Many of our customers rival the average polar bear in terms of time spent outdoors in the winter, so what’s the point of getting everything “winterized” when you’ll be using it frequently?

You don’t have an inflatable tub. Fierce winter winds. Heavy snowfall. Ice, sleet, rain and other precipitation. All of these winter weather events are shrugged off by an Arctic Spas hot tub, but they’re catastrophic for any inflatable tub. Most inflatable spas and hot tubs are made with heavy vinyl. This material is fine, as long as the weather’s fine. But once the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, vinyl hot tubs deteriorate quickly in the winter. While some people attempt to winterize their vinyl hot tub or spa, the best course of action is a complete shut down for the season: drain and deflate the tub, collect all the pumps and motors, and store away for winter. Once the weather finally turns warm again, the inflatable hot tub starts again from scratch – and that’s assuming it was stored properly and no damage occurred while deflated. As you can see, it’s just better to have a hot tub or spa that’s winter-ready, because it’s made in a tough winter climate: Arctic Spas!

Inflatable spas have two options when the colder months arrive: winterize or shut down. Because most vinyl and inflatable hot tubs can’t hold up to severe winter weather, the best bet is a complete shut down and deflation.

Discover the Arctic Spas difference – visit your nearest dealer today. We’ll show you how our products offer the best possible protection against the winter, with a great assortment of standard and premium features.