Scented candles, relaxing music and a hot tub full of big scented bubbles, with a glass of a nicely blended beverage, all fit the makings of a perfect night of relaxation for mom. Or is it all a dream?

For some moms, it may be a distant memory of the times when she was able to take a nice, long hot spa bath without interruption. Work responsibilities, children, home duties, etc. are all vying for mom’s attention, sometimes all at the same time. Does that sound familiar? A longed-for dream it may very well be, but the time comes when mom has to shift things around and make her needs a priority.

The hot tub must win!


Pampering: A Required Necessity

Yes, as a mom, you need to take the time to relax and pamper yourself on more than just an “as-needed” basis. Make it a regular habit. Make it a recurring scheduled appointment. And, to make your mom’s night even more fun and one to look forward to, invite your other tired mom friends over to enjoy a girl’s night spa party.

As a busy mom, you can certainly appreciate the time for relaxation for mom. Those hot tub therapeutic benefits help make you a better mom, wife, employee and person. Not only is it mommy time, but you also get to do invigorating facials and actually finish a mani/pedi without being interrupted!

Creating a Fun Night

To have a really spectacular mom’s night in, simply plan ahead so everyone can enjoy the fun and no detail is left out. Here are some tips on the hosting the perfect spa party:

  •  The time spent in swim spas and hot tubs is more fun with a glass of something tasty to drink.
  • Have towels, lotions and all other hot tub and spa accessories available and accessible for your guests.
  • Hot tubs can deplete energy levels, so provide a light fare for them to enjoy while they’re basking. This can be something as simple as cheese and crackers with fruit or light sandwiches.

The ultimate goal of mom’s night in is to make sure that everyone is relaxed, smiling and rejuvenated at the end of the party. Make it a point to set a date for the next facial or swim spas party. Everyone will be looking forward to it, expecting a great time.

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