New Hot Tub Tech Reduces Electrical Use and Cost

May 5, 2016

Canadian hot tub and spa brand an industry-leader in technology development

TORONTO, ON. (May 5, 2016) – Technology and innovation has advanced so rapidly over the past decade that you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a scenario where the idiom ‘there’s an app for that’ doesn’t apply.

While often associated with tech giants in Silicon Valley, there are innovations happening right here in Canada that may be unheralded, but are equally as important and impactful.

Canadian hot tub and spa maker Arctic Spas has uncovered a niche and has taken a leading role in developing innovative technology that not only helps the environment, but reduces costs for spa owners.

“Energy efficiency and the related usage costs have become a significant issue for the average person in their day-to-day lives,” says Brent Macklin, Co-Founder of Arctic Spas. “In the past, there has been a stigma that hot tubs use a high-volume of energy and can be costly to operate, but we’ve proven that theory wrong by developing technology that significantly improves energy efficiency and ultimately, saves the customer money.”

As the original cold weather hot tub brand, Arctic Spas has focused on energy efficiency and related benefits since its early days. It was the first company to introduce an unprecedented perimeter insulation design, which improves energy efficiency by using the waste heat from the pump motors to heat the water.

“Up to that point, other manufacturers either had no insulation or insulation that blocked the waste heat from being used,” Macklin explains, adding that the company continues to improve and optimize this innovation. “Over the years, others have tried to mimic our design, but none have been able to concretely back energy efficiency claims.”

Verifying energy efficiency claims has been an issue in the hot tub and spa industry for years as there is a lack of regulation along with highly variable use rates, operating conditions (i.e. climate) and electrical costs that differ by region and time of day.

One of Arctic Spas most recent innovations, Spa Boy, is a cutting-edge automated spa care tool that allows users to program their hot tub to run only during off-peak usage times while automatically sensing and maintaining ideal spa water conditions, eliminating the need for manual testing and chemical dosing.

It also directly addresses energy efficiency reporting issues by:

•          Measuring and recording electrical consumption in real-time.
•          Reporting consumption data and historical data to the spa owner in real-time through a private website or app.
•          Report electrical cost in real-time with historical data to the owner by allowing the owner to input their local rate for electricity.
•          Allowing the owner to alter the heating and filtration times to avoid times of day where electrical costs are higher.

To understand how Spa Boy’s reporting system works, Arctic Spas has provided this example of real data from an Ontario customer’s hot tub, where the average temperature during this period was -5 degrees Celsius.

March 1 – 23, 2016
191.8 kWh at 8 cents per kWh = $15.35 = 66 cents per day.

About Arctic Spas
Founded in 1994, Arctic Spas® is Blue Falls Manufacturing’s flagship brand of portable hot tubs and outdoor spa products purpose-built for extreme weather climates. Arctic Spas® is Canada’s largest spa company, manufacturing and retailing spas, all weather pools (swim spas) and other leisure products.  Arctic Spas are shipped to and sold in 23 countries around the world, with large markets in the United States, the UK, Scandinavia and Russia. Arctic Spas are produced in Alberta, Canada and in Washington State, USA.

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Arctic Spas Team Standing By


Arctic Spas Team Standing By