New Real Time Hot Tub Power Consumption Monitor

by Jun 19, 2014

arctic spas power management app

Attention all dealers and Arctic Spa owners:

Power Consumption Function now Activated on

To access the Power Consumption functions on, mouse over the Diagnostics Tab, and select Power Consumption from the drop down menu.

As you may know, every spa salesman in the world is trying to sell the most energy efficient hot tub, and every manufacturer makes similar claims. No one ever backs up these statements with hard data; at best there are numbers derived from some pretty loose “testing protocols” which, in our opinion, do little to simulate the real conditions our spas face year-in year-out.
We have always worked towards engineering and constructing spas that are the most efficient on the planet, and the Power Consumption function is a great way to show the customer what all that hard work and creativity adds up to in dollars and cents.
Arctic Spa is the only spa in the world that will simply report to the user how much energy the spa is using in the past 24 hr, 7 days and last 30 days.
All the user has to do is input their power rate in the format $/kWh, and the onboard power meter will calculate the power usage in dollars.
The Power Consumption interface provides a live power meter (dial) and more detailed visuals (graphs) which display the various energy-use cycles (heater, pump) that the spa is running.
An additional benefit is that this is a great troubleshooting tool – with access to the spa via onSpa, technicians can use power draw data to assess pump, heater or other malfunctions long before heading out into the field to evaluate or repair.

Watch this video for further clarification: