Pete & Deb’s Beautiful Hot Tub Scene

by Jul 22, 2012

Pete and Deb DeMatteo Arctic Spas Hot tub

Thanks Pete and Deb for submitting this photo of your Arctic Spa. Your yard is beautiful! We are proud of the rugged beauty of our hot tubs, but I was impressed to see an Arctic Spa blend in so nicely to such a stunning natural scene. Hot tubs often look out of place, in my opinion, in a natural scene due to the overly “manufactured” appearance many of them have.

Thanks for your comments as well:

After traveling the United States for 2 years in our RV, we settled in the small community of Grants Pass, Oregon.  Once we found our beautiful home in the country, my wife and I knew it was a perfect place for a hot tub.  We did our due diligence when selecting our hot tub and ended up purchasing our wonderful Arctic Spa from Travis Skabelund in Medford, Oegon.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the service and quality of our spa.  My wife uses it twice a day; she has arthritis, and I’m in it often as well.  We purchase all of our supplies from his store and the service continues to be top notch.

Thank you.

Pete and Deb DeMatteo