Picking the Perfect Spa – From Small to Party Sized

by Feb 19, 2012

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There is nothing better than sliding into a piping hot spa. From a few minutes alone, relaxing and easing tired and sore muscles, to fun family hot tub parties, hot tubs are often the perfect accessory to any home. Easier to maintain than a full-sized pool, spas provide relaxation, health benefits, and the ideal environment for entertaining. The fun begins with one decision – which of the many different sized home and garden spas is right for your particular home?


Size Matters

Hot tubs can be an intimate setting for two or spacious enough for an entire family. While common sizes include seating for five to seven people, there are multiple choices available. A two person spa is perfect for those who want to experience a little bit of quiet by themselves or with someone special.

Larger families, or those who plan to use their hot tub for entertaining, can select a 6 or 8 person model. For those interested in an even ‘bigger’ experience, swim spas provide additional room with many of the comforts of a traditional spa.

When selecting the size of your particular tub, keep in mind a few factors. First is seating – remember that it is often best to plan for guests and select a model with a few extra seats. The second thing to consider is water capacity. On average, hot tubs should hold about 75 gallons of water for each person using it, making it easy to select an appropriate size.

Going Beyond Size to the Setting

Almost as important as the size of the hot tub is the setting. Take the time to consider where the tub will be placed, remembering that decks and masonry will have weight limitations. Once you have considered any weight issues, turn to the environment for help. Are there pathways, landscaping, and lighting features available? Will they support a larger spa or just a small one?

Remember to also take into consideration the extra space you’ll need for spa accessories, steps, caddies, and towel holders. All of these items will change your available space and impact the overall size of your swim spa or hot tub.

Hot tubs are a beautiful addition to the home, providing health benefits, fun, and relaxation. Before you dive in, take the time to carefully consider what size hot tub will fit best with your needs and your particular yard. Choosing the right size tub will make all the difference.