See How Arctic All Weather Pools Are Delivered & Installed

by Oct 25, 2018

arcticspas delivery
The guys do another fantastic job with a smooth delivery of an Arctic Spas All weather pool.

Source: Morning Live on CHCH TV in Burlington, Ontario

CHCH Correspondent: We’ve got something out here we wanna show you. Because these All-Weather pools, they’re bigger than a hot tub, right?

Arctic Spas: Yes, they are 14 feet by 8 feet, so it’s a bit of a beast.

CHCH Correspondent: And when you’re in a tight little space like this, you can’t run it through that little garage, so you need to lift it over top of the house.

Arctic Spas: Yes, this is it.

CHCH Correspondent: That’s the crane.

Arctic Spas: Absolutely.

CHCH Correspondent: How often do you actually need to bring in the crane for delivering these?

Arctic Spas: So pretty much 90% of the swim spas we lift by crane. There’s been some cases, we can do it with a Bobcat depending on access. But 90% of them, as you saw in the backyard, there’s no way to get in.

CHCH Correspondent: Is that worked into the price, or is it on top for the customer?

Arctic Spas: That’s on top.

CHCH Correspondent: Okay. So you brought in the crane service, Double D Crane Service that have this All-Weather pool all hooked up and ready to go. And what you’re gonna see this morning is them actually lifting it over top of the house and placing it in the backyard. We’re gonna be hooking up all the electrics, we’re gonna be filling it up with water, and we’re gonna be giving it a test drive.

Arctic Spas: Not me.

CHCH Correspondent: No?

Arctic Spas: Not me.

CHCH Correspondent: I brought my trunks. As long as the heater works. We’re right out with Arctic Spas on Morning Live.


CHCH Correspondent: Really kind of sets these All-Weather pools apart.

Arctic Spas: Oh, absolutely. Just the ease of this. So we can do it year round. Right? We can deliver these things 12 months of the year, and people can enjoy their pool 12 months of the year.

CHCH Correspondent: And how popular are they becoming?

Arctic Spas: Huge.

CHCH Correspondent: Right?

Arctic Spas: Yeah.

CHCH Correspondent: Well, once people see how easy it is, that might continue to be the case. Okay, so here we go. The pool is being put in place right now. As we said, the next step is hooking everything up. And we’ll talk more about what you actually need to hook up one of these All-Weather pools. And then I brought the trunks, so we’ll give it a test drive when we come back with Arctic Spas on Morning Live.

So about an hour and half ago we arrived at the customer’s place that bought this wonderful All-Weather pool.

Arctic Spas: How does that feel?

CHCH Correspondent: Crane installed it, dropped it into ground, filled it up. And I’m ready to step in. Okay. Slight disclaimer, it’s not exactly where it’s gonna be because… What’s the temperature, Phil [SP]?

Arctic Spas: Sixty-nine. A bombing [SP] 69.

CHCH Correspondent: Okay, I got in. Oh, yeah. That’s chilly. What temperature would you keep this one at?

Arctic Spas: You know, it depends on the season. Right? And it depends on… Because this is the Ocean model, you got a hot tub at one end and the pool at the other, you could use it as a hot tub or you could use it as a pool. So usually it fluctuates between 80 and 100.

CHCH Correspondent: So how popular is this model?

Arctic Spas: Like, 80% of them that we’re selling are the Ocean model.

CHCH Correspondent: So you can sit down here. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. With the jets. Because how many jets you got going here?

Arctic Spas: You got…in this particular model, this is the Ocean Legend, we’re looking at 45 jets and 3 pumps.

CHCH Correspondent: Wow. And then you got more jets down there because that’s what…these are deemed a swim spa because you can actually swim against the current.

Arctic Spas: Correct. So there’s six large monsoon jets down there that create this flow of water.

CHCH Correspondent: Okay. So how much power or energy does it take to keep this thing going, to get these jets running? Or even keep it warm?

Arctic Spas: Well, the nice thing about the Arctic Spas is we have our power management system, and that allows customers to set the tub so it never comes under in peak hours of the day. So right now we are the only hot tub out there, or swim spa out there, that allows that control.

CHCH Correspondent: And there was something else that we talked about in the past, Onzen Spa Boy®, which is really unique to you guys.

Arctic Spas: Yeah. So the really cool thing about Spa Boy® is it tests the water for you. So there’s no longer the manual testing of test strips into the water. It’s all computer-based, you can access it on your tablet, your phone. And it’ll not only tell you what the water levels are but automatically adjust it based on usage.

CHCH Correspondent: So this is just fresh water that was put in here.

Arctic Spas: Yes.

CHCH Correspondent: But when it gets to a certain temperature, you can actually…you’ll be tossing salt in here?

Arctic Spas: That’s right. So we have Onzen salt, so it’s a Dead Sea salt. They say it’s got some really nice benefits. But the nice thing about the salt, once we put it into body of water, it allows the whole process to turn your hot tub or All-Weather pool into a salt water pool.

CHCH Correspondent: Well, listen, thanks for having us out, man. Thanks for showing us kind of the whole experience.

Arctic Spas: No problem.

CHCH Correspondent: It’s pretty neat to see the crane lift it in place. We have to thank the homeowner Frank because I’m the first one in his All-Weather pool, so I gotta feel bad about that. So thanks a lot, Frank, thanks for having us. Let’s give the pool side a try. Shall we? Can I hand that to you? Yeah, let’s do it.