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How to use Apple Airport to connect hot tub to home network

Hey, it’s Dave here. I’m just going to show you the settings that you’ll want if you have an Apple AirPort as your home router, in order to use the home network connect option. So here I am, I’m just gonna join the… make sure I’m on the home network, which I have named “apple test.” You’ll have it named whatever, but this is the network that you have an Apple AirPort. Using that, you connected there. Then you’re going to launch utility called AirPort utility.

So just go to the search, type in air, and find the AirPort utility, launch that, make sure that it found one, come down to manual setup, and here’s all of your settings here. We’re going to click on wireless – wireless mode. It will be set to create a wireless network if you’re using it for home router. Network name: mine is named “apple test.”

You can name it whatever you want. Radio mode: just make sure it’s on 802.11n, B&G compatible. Channel: this is the important one, make sure your channel is set to six. Wireless security: you can pick any one – WEP, WPA, WPA2 – just don’t pick these enterprise ones. So, it can be set to either one. The key thing is you just have to remember which one you set it to, because you’re going to have to input that from the app. This one here is set to WPA2 personal. Okay, and make your password whatever. I’ll just change it so that I can show you. And just click update. And it’s going to restart. And when it restarts it’ll have the new settings. And then you’ll be able to go to your Spa and try to get your Spa to login to the home network.