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Just wanted to send a note of thanks to Energy Smart for the effort in looking after our problems. I know where we have our tub located that it is a pain in the #*#@ to work on. I know that you’ve been trying since June to get us looked after and it took some time but the effort has been there and last night was the first night since we have had our tub when everything was finally working properly (knock on wood).

The Bromine levels are up, the lights were working, stereo was working, the ph and salt were at normal levels, and Scott told me how to raise the temperature to higher levels and had it ready for us.

Thanks to Rudy for being up front with us and having a new replacement tub installed when he decided that the first one was not up to his standards and ordered us a brand new one. Post this where you want to that we would recommend Energy Smart as a company who looks after their customers.

The Schacher family

University of Lethbridge

Daryl Schacher, B.Mgt., SCMP
Manager, Materials Management
University of Lethbridge