Whatspa award Arctic Spas Baffin and Timberwolf most popular spa for holiday lets!

by Dec 19, 2018

Women relaxing in the hot tub

What Spa is the UK’s leading consumer guide to hot tubs and garden spas and is exclusively available via whatspa.com. The magazine is produced for buyers seeking independent information about all of the hot tubs on the UK market, along with expert reviews and hot tub price guides.

The Timberwolf won due to its compact design and its plug & play option. It is open plan and has a variety of upright seating.

The Baffin 45 won because it is highlighted by the distinctive and roomy lounger and balanced by two therapy seats.

With most jets concentrated in these three main seating areas, the Baffin delivers the maximum amount of therapy where it is needed yet still retains additional space for guests.



Arctic Spas UK Best Buy 2019 Timberwolf model
Arctic Spas UK Best Buy 2019 Buffin 45 model