Beware of Cheap Hot Tub Covers

by Feb 7, 2012

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If you’re thinking about getting a hot tub, you’re no doubt busy dreaming up all the fun things you’ll do in that relaxing spa: host a hot tub party, play some family spa games, work out in your swim spa—not to mention taking advantage of all those hot tub therapeutic benefits! But you’ll need one very important thing first before you can start using your spa for relaxation and family spa time.

hot tub cover

Why You Need a Hot Tub Cover

Sorry, folks: you can’t use your hot tub or swim spa without a cover, and here are a couple of the reasons why:

  • They prevent accidents. Covers ensure no one can fall in to your spa accidentally—and since most covers come with several locks, you can be sure no one’s using your spa without your permission.
  • They prevent your water from being contaminated. All those hot tub chemicals and hot tub filters are rendered useless without a cover. Covers ensure no falling material or external elements can contaminate the water.

Spa covers come with other benefits besides safety precautions. Insulated foam covers help retain the water’s heat when not in use, meaning it won’t have to work as hard to keep the water warm.

Your cover can also act as another spa accessory. Though some covers tuck neatly out of sight, others fold to form a sturdy shelf beside your spa—perfect for holding multiple towels and robes during family hot tub parties.

Cheap Hot Tub Covers

The cheaper the cover, the thinner the foam; the thinner the foam, the less heat your spa retains. Thicker foam covers help you save on energy costs, since your spa won’t have to work as hard to heat itself. Cheap covers also absorb water, meaning they’ll get heavier and less insulating as they age.

Whether you purchased your hot tub for spa health benefits, family spa time, or simply as a source of relaxation for Mom and Dad, you’ll want to protect that investment as best you can. A spa cover will ensure you’ll be enjoying your investment for a long time.

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