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Hot Tub Jets

Most hot tub jets are interchangeable! Almost all hot tub manufacturers make their own insert (the part you see in the spa) but the ‘body’ is often exactly the same between several manufacturers. That means Arctic Spas brand inserts might fit in your spa. Here are just a couple reasons why that is good news:


Arctic Spas’ bearing-less design minimizes wear, resulting in spa jets that continue to provide an amazing moving massage while minimizing failure.


Many hot tub jets use a flexible tab design to hold the jet in place. These tabs become brittle over time and snap off resulting in failure of the jet. Arctic Spas’ new thread-in design has virtually eliminated jet failure. The result is a long-lasting, amazing massage without large jet replacement costs.  Also, many other hot tub brand jet bodies can be converted to thread-in jet bodies. It’s easy!  Ask your local Arctic Spas dealer for more information.

Arctic Spas Jets

Unlike most other manufacturers, our spas use only rotating jets – no stationary or “directional” jets are substituted to cut costs. Also, we no longer offer stainless steel jets trim finishes – for an upgraded appearance we now offer Titanium finished jets.

Titanium (Ti) is significantly more resistant to damage resulting from variation in water chemistry than stainless, and is extremely durable. Jet escutcheons, Therapy Air jets (if equipped), pump intake covers and external lighting sconces can all be clad in gleaming Titanium for a refined and luxurious finishing touch.

Whatever brand of hot tub you have, Arctic Spas probably has replacement jets and jet parts for your repair. Use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you.