Arctic Spas – Built For The Harshest Climates

If you’re shopping for a hot tub, you’ll want to know why Arctic Spa brand hot tubs are of the highest quality and designed to be the best that you can buy.

At the core of our claim that we offer the best hot tubs available is this:

Arctic Spas are engineered for the world’s harshest climates. All materials, components, and controls are designed to endure the most extreme Canadian winters year after year. No matter where you live, this translates into low running costs, long lasting components, and simple maintenance.


Arctic Spas Offers The Features You Want and Lowest Operation Cost in the Industry.

Our spas have perimeter insulation, which vastly reduces heat loss from the sides, thus reducing the operating costs.

classic series jets
arcticspas yukon ripple jets 500x310 1

Our spa shells are incredibly strong and self-supporting.

We apply more fiberglass than anyone else in the business – and no cost-savings shortcuts are taken; no plastic backing, no props or supports, and no foam is ever applied.

composite HULL shell


Our spa covers are one of the strongest and best insulated in the industry reducing heat loss significantly.


Our tubs do not require a specially laid concrete pad like most other tubs, which helps reduce the initial set-up costs.

What Are Things To Avoid When Buying A Hot Tub?

If a hot tub is presented as being for summer use only, avoid it. It is probably not insulated and water can freeze in the pipes in cold conditions and may cause ruptures. Also it will cost more to heat.

If the hot tub has insulation foam sprayed onto the underside of the shell covering the pipes and jets, avoid it. Should a repair be needed, all the foam will have to be removed before the leak can be found and you will have to pay to have it re-foamed.

If the cover is less than 3 in. /7.5 cm. thick, avoid it. This will allow heat to escape when not in use and will cost more to keep your water warm.

If a concrete pad is required for location, avoid it, as this shows the tub can just about support its own weight and has no floor, so rodents, bugs and the like will get in. You’ll also not be able to relocate your tub and moving locations will sometimes void warranties.

If curbside delivery is offered, avoid it. The seller obviously has very little interest in you and will leave you to commission it yourself with no advice or help in positioning the tub or even checking to see if it’s working properly.

If a tub has 75 jets and one pump, avoid it. It will probably look good and appear to be a good value, but you could be left a little disappointed with the lack of pressure for a satisfying and relaxing massage.

Your spa buying experience should be enjoyable and want to help you in making the best choice for your needs and wants.

Contact or visit us today so you can be on your way to ultimate relaxation in your new Arctic Spa!