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Salt Water Swimming Pools

How do salt water swimming pools work?

Put simply, they produce sanitizer directly in the water using a very low voltage electrical current. A low concentration of salt in the water is required to make the system work. When the sanitizer is used up it transforms back into salt and the process starts again.

Salt water swimming pools are very popular due to the decreased cost of chemical and the decreased time required to maintain the water. Many owners also like the softer feel of the lightly salted water.

Arctic Spas™ offers a range of salt water swim spas that are very popular with people looking for small salt water pools. Swim spas offer all of the benefits of a small swimming pool and a hot tub in one self-contained unit, often at much lower cost than traditional swimming pools. Arctic Spas™ is a premium brand, which means that you don’t have to sacrifice physical beauty for practicality when shopping for a swimming pool.

All Arctic Spas™ brand swim spas can be equipped with a salt water system which delivers all of the benefits of a salt water pool and hot tub all in one package.

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A woman relaxing in the Arctic Spas hot tub

Salt Water Pool Systems

Not all salt water pool systems are created equal. The proprietary Onzen™ salt water system by Arctic Spas™ combines ozone generation and salt water technology to deliver an advanced water treatment system that drastically lowers chemical cost and maintenance time. The Onzen™ salt water system can be installed on Arctic Spas™ brand hot tub and swim spas.

Arctic Spas™ swim spas are 14-foot swimming pools with built in swimming exercise systems and traditional hot tub features all together in one attractive cedar enclosure. For details, pricing, and free estimates contact one of the 300+ Arctic Spas dealers or request a phone call from a specialist right now. (using the form below)