Hot Tub Prices - Purchase Price vs Ongoing Costs, General Advice

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Here at Arctic Spas we offer premium quality hot tubs, which inevitably tend to cost more, but quality comes with a price and in terms of maintenance, support, quality, durability and comfort we are unbeatable.

Here is a price range summary to guide you toward a hot tub or spa that will suit your budget.

$ – Extreme Bargain
Trade-in & refurbished models of all makes. Most Arctic Spas dealerships have a stock of reconditioned used hot tubs that fall into this price range. If you get lucky you might even find an older model used Arctic Spa in this range.

$$ – Low Cost
Many of the models in the Coyote Spas brand fall into this lower price category. A few of the smaller Arctic Spas models also have retail prices in this category. Check out the base models too.

They have fewer options but often these options can be added on site when you know for sure that you want it. Most of the time, the cost to retrofit an option on site is not much more than buying it factory-installed.

$$$ – Premium
This is the price category where you will find most of the Arctic Spas brand hot tubs. The larger and fully loaded models in the Coyote Spas brand also fall into this price category.

$$$$ – Luxury
This is the exclusive territory of the Arctic Spas brand as well as the Arctic swim spas.

Hot Tub Purchase Price vs. Ongoing Cost

Wondering what your hot tub will actually cost to run rather than how much it will cost to purchase? That’s a very important factor when deciding which hot tub to buy and something that often gets overlooked. Cheaper hot tubs often cost much more to run.

Arctic Spas are now available with a built in power consumption meter. You can monitor the actual electrical costs of your spa and also alter the run times of the spa in order to operate during low cost time periods. Arctic Spas are already the most energy efficient hot tub available, and now you can save even more money by altering the spa’s daily run times.

The amount you save buying a cheap hot tub can easily be spent in one year on inefficient heating and maintenance costs. Be careful, extremely low prices that seem too good to be true usually are.