2 Person Hot Tubs

Looking for a small hot tub just for two? Or maybe a Plug and Play hot tub? We offer a few models of small hot tubs that fit that description. Most of the smaller spas and spas with only one pump can be ordered as 110V ‘plug-and-play’ spas. The most popular model in the Arctic Spas brand is the Arctic Fox model. It is rated “up to” 4 people but it is most comfortable with 2. In the Coyote brand, the Mesa model is one of the best-priced two person hot tubs available anywhere.

mesa model coyote 2 person hot tub

The Mesa by Coyote Spas – Click image for details

Of the 2 person hot tub models recommended above, the best seller is the Arctic Fox. The Fox is in the Arctic Spas brand, which is famous for extreme quality and efficiency. The initial price of this model is a bit more than the other small hot tubs we offer. However, the lower running costs, longer warranty, and natural beauty of the Arctic Fox easily justifies the investment.

Small Hot Tubs And Price

There are several small hot tubs available from Arctic Spas. However, we often find that people shopping for smaller sized hot tubs are actually looking for inexpensive hot tubs. Small does not always equate with lower price. The brand and options can actually affect the price more than the size. Consider the fact that a fully loaded two person hot tub in the Arctic brand can cost more than a 6 person hot tub in another brand such as Coyote.