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How to use Dlink router to connect hot tub to home network

Okay, we’re going to go through the router settings for a D-link router. So this is a D-link router. We’re going to join the wireless network make sure you’re on D-link. So there it is there, dlinktest2, that’s what we’re going to get the spa to log into is the D-link router. We’ll join that, let’s us connect it. We’re going to launch a web browser and type into the address bar so that’s for D-link. This page is going to come up. You can see here we have a DIR-615. This is a user name admin and there’s no password. This is the default admin and no password. It’ll come to this page. This is your router setting page. We’re going to click on wireless settings and come down here to manual wireless connection set up and I’m going to go through these settings with you.

There’s a few important ones. First one, WiFi protected set up. You have to disable this. Okay? Make sure that this is a disabled WPS or WiFi protected setup. Enable the wireless network name. This can be whatever you want. So whatever you want this for as long as it’s alpha numeric. So don’t put in spaces, for example don’t put in dlink space test. The spa will have a hard time recognizing that space and also don’t use symbols like a pound sign or a dash or anything like that. Okay, make sure that it’s just letter or numbers. So we will change, well I’ll just leave it at what it was, so dlinktest02.

This one make sure you’re mixed. So mixed 802.11 and GMB and you want to disable this auto channel scan. So make sure it’s disabled and that we’re set to channel six, okay. That one there is important. Channel width I don’t think either of these matter 20MHz or 20/40. And security mode, this will be personal preference. So you’ll have WPA Personal, WEP, you can pick either of those two just don’t pick enterprise. Okay, so we’ll be stuck on WPA Personal. And you just have to remember these settings because you’re going to have to input them in the apps. You’re going to have to tell the app what to tell your global spot components WiFi how to log into the home network. So we’ll leave that set at WPA Personal.

And again this WPA, WPA2 only or either one, it doesn’t matter. Cipher type this can be TKIP, AES, or both. Again this one doesn’t really matter and this is your password here. Okay just make it globalspa, but this is what you want your home router password to be. So we’ll come up here and save settings and it’s going to make you wait. Just to make sure that those have registered. And if you had changed the SS ID you would have to re-log in. We’ll just make sure that we can log back on. This is the password, we didn’t change that. Okay, we’re connected. We can come back here and now we’re set up now. We can go to the app and input that and have the spa log in into the home network on the D-link router.