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How to install WiFi in hot tub

Interviewer: Hey, there’s Dave to do a Wi-Fi install. Here’s Dave.

Dave: Okay, so we’re going to hook up Wi-Fi to this Global Pack. See what we have in the box. You can have an Ethernet cable, and that has a standard link already installed, the [inaudible 00:00:22] 13.5, and then the power supply for the router, and the Wi-Fi module. And, notice on here, before I install it, you have the SSID – GSC 10019, so when you’re searching for the network out there, you’re going to be looking for that SSID – GSC 10019.

Interviewer: Is that the same on every one, or everyone is going to have its own individual?

Dave: Everyone is different. Everyone’s unique.

Just find a spot to mount this unit. Once you get it mounted, you’re just going to tilt it up so you can see what’s going on, and now we’re going to mount the power supply. So the hole here has already been drilled, but using a 7/8 hole saw, drill a hole into the side on the pack so you can mount your screen relief [SP], there, and the power supply itself. Move the [inaudible 00:01:34] lights out of the way, [inaudible 00:01:35] lights. Peel your Velcro off, stick it somewhere in here. Now we’re going to connect this end to 110 or 220 direct power. So we’ll hook up the red to direct line one, which you can find right beside the pump two fuse, that’s pin J-22. So these are just direct 110 power, it’s sitting next to these pump fuses. And then we can hook it up to neutral, an empty one on the neutral bar. Okay, so that’s your power installed.

Interviewer: It’s right there, yup.

Dave: And it could go on any one of these bars. They’re all open, neutral lines. Then we’re going to run this cable out to the router. And this one little trick here is you have to take the Ethernet cable, it’s going to get installed in the small pack this way, take the nut off, put the nut on the power supply so it’s sitting there, and we’re going to run out the hole. We need to run this through the cable bind, a little bit tight. Run it through the other side, then we can tighten up, not all the way but get it snug. Then we’re gonna bring our Ethernet cable in. It’s going to go through the nut and then run. I don’t know how well you can see this, from the screen relief pack, come through the hole, there’s your nut on. Now the Ethernet’s just going to run up, behind all the pills [SP], and plugs into the processor card right here, and make sure it clicks in, it’s installed snugly. Okay, and tighten the cable up. It’s snug, now we’re going to run these through our Wi-Fi box.

We have power and Ethernet. So the power plugs in the middle. Ethernet plugs into the only spot it can go in. Now what I like to do is not leave it up like this, just in case you have a leak. Point it down, that way if any water gets on it, instead of running into the circuit board, it’s gonna run down onto the back floor. And that’s installed. We’ll turn it on and give it a try.

So if the Ethernet is connected properly there is a green light here on processor card which shows you that everything is connected okay. So if it’s unplugged, it goes out. Okay, just unplug it, if I plug it back in you want to see a green, solid light. If it’s flickering, it means it knows something’s connected but it’s not getting a good signal. It’s on solid, that means it’s getting a good connection.

So now I’m going to show you how to connect and control the spa. So we’ve downloaded the app, so the app is on the iPhone. So we go to your settings, then you go to your Wi-Fi, now we’re going to look for that GSC 10019, it should show up on your networks. Join that network. The password is going to be globalspa, one word. In a different video, we’ll show you how to change that, but they’re all coming from the factory with globalspa, one word, join. You’ll only have to enter that the very first time you connect, and then after that it will connect automatically. You want to see the check there and that it’s connected and then you’re looking for the little Wi-Fi signal at the top saying it’s connected.

Now we’re going to launch the app. So I have it here, Arctic Spas. Okay, so I’ll just show you, sorry, it was running in the background. Close it. So just for your reference, with the iPhone 4, if stuff runs in the background, to close it you double click the bottom button, and then hold the icon until they wiggle, and then hit the little red dots to close everything that was running. Now we’re going to relaunch the app and it’s connected. So you can see the water temperature is 84, set point is 72 and now we’re running.

Interviewer: Good stuff. Thanks Dave.

Dave: Installed.