How to replace your Onzen Cell Electrode

Hey. We’re going to be replacing an Onzen cell.

So we need the cell, the replacement, a Phillips screw driver.

That’s the cell down there. So we’re going to un-thread the receptacle from the mitch.

When it comes out you’re going to have your four feet of cord. So now we have the receptacle and the cell.

There’s a Phillips set screw, that we want to un-thread. Should be lots. Then, un-thread the cell, from the receptacle. Make sure everything is nice and dry. Set that on the side.

Grab your new cell. Nice and snug. Tighten the set screw.

Push that hose back into the mitch. Then, thread the receptacle back in. Nice and snug.

Now I have a new cell. Didn’t drain any water, easy.

Have a good day.

Arctic Spas Team Standing By


Arctic Spas Team Standing By