Arctic Spas® Features

Some Background About The Arctic Spas® Brand

You might be surprised that Arctic Spas®, known for world- class and cutting edge design are conceived and built in the small prairie town of Thorsby, Alberta, Canada located just outside of Edmonton.

A small town like Thorsby stands for all that makes an Arctic Spas® so exceptional: a personal commitment to all we do, the integrity and hard work with which each spa is built, and above all, the ceaseless investment in our customers’ satisfaction. At Arctic Spas® we work hard every day to offer a spa that surpasses what the rest of the industry has to offer with regards to longevity, efficiency, reliability and innovation.

We believe if you ask around, you will hear we’re a company built on small town principals with an eye to leading our industry worldwide.

Disclaimer: Depending on your choice of Hot Tub Series or All Weather Pool will determine the Standard  and Optional Features Available