6 Person Hot Tubs

The most popular 6 person hot tub we offer is the Summit. This model is extremely popular with previous hot tub owners who know what they want from a hot tub. This is not the only option, however. There are literally dozens of models available that qualify as a 6 person hot tub. The Klondiker, Norwegian, Frontier, and Tundra make the top 5 list of best sellers in the Arctic brand. In the Coyote range, the Tucson and Durango are the most popular in this size.

Large Hot Tubs

For a truly large hot tub, check out our ‘All Weather Pool’ swim spa range. These are 8 foot by 14 foot totally self contained swim spas that are built to the same extreme standards as the Arctic Spas hot tubs. They are easy to install and can be enjoyed either hot or cool. These all weather pools are ready to use 365 days of the year. Work out, relax, or splash around: these pools are perfect for large groups or a solitary soak.

6 Person Hot Tubs from the Arctic Spas Range


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The 6 Person Hot Tubs from the Coyote Spas Range



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